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Protect, smooth and hydrate your hair with KeraCare Thermal Wonder 6 in 1 Thermal Protector.


A heat protective spray with multi-functional benefits.

Working to seal, protect and straighten your hair, the versatile solution contains a host of botanical extracts and moisturising Moringa and Marula to effectively hydrate, detangle and control frizz. Delivering unrivalled heat protection, the formula can be used as a leave-in conditioner, or applied before straightening and blow drying to keep hair safe from damage and protected against humidity to promote long-lasting, polka-straight locks. Sealing the cuticle, the formula will leave hair looking smooth and silky with restored moisture and shine. Can be used on wet or dry hair.


The third step in your Thermal Wonder™ routine


  • Detangles wet and dry hair.
  • Eliminates thermal damage. 
  • Seals cuticles.
  • Adds shine. 
  • Guards against humidity.
  • Enhances moisture.

KeraCare Thermal Wonder 6in1 Thermal Protector | 120ml

  • You should apply the styler to your hair prior to blow-drying and then again before flat-ironing.

    For blow drying, mist the entire head and gently comb through to the ends. Blow-dry using medium-high heat.

    For flat-ironing, spray liberally onto individual ½” sections and comb through just prior to applying heat. Maximum of 400° F for thick, coarse hair.

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