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Our Hair Story

So how as Our Hair born you ask?   


Well in March 2020, the whole world saw Covid-19 take over the globe, never in my wildest dreams could I have conjured up this crisis. The pandemic forced many countries to go on lockdown, everyone had to adhere to strict government guidelines, which had people confined to their homes, cut off from family and friends, and only permitted to travel if it was deemed essential. The experience felt somewhat like an apocalypse, you know the ones you see in the movies.


With that said, as the UK followed suit, people stocked up on essentials as the lockdown approached; bread, sugar, flour, rice and apparently loo roll too. Whilst out grabbing mine it didn't cross my mind to stock up my curly hair essentials, it just didn't seem important at the time, besides I usually straighten my hair anyway which doesn't use half as much products as when I'm rocking my curls. Fast forward to a few days in, I wanted to give my hair a break from the heat, and just enjoy my naturally coily hair for a change, however straightening serum, and heat protector wasn't going to revive or moisturise my mane.


On to the net I went to get what I needed, boy the struggle was real! After hours of web surfing, I was ready to surf into a cliff, not one website had everything I wanted in one place, oh and not to mention the prices! Can you say extortion! How is it that the prices had doubled in comparison to the prices at my local ‘black hair shop’? At this point I was fed up and rather frustrated, come to realise I wasn't alone and others shared the same frustrations.


I was compelled to do something, after all, there are hundreds of products and brands for our hair. That thing that I was compelled to do, was set up 'Our Hair', a go-to website that have a plethora of hair products, easily accessible to us; in one place, online, for reasonable prices.


I hope you love the site as much as I do!


With Love
P x
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