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JBCO Water replaces regular Water. Wet your hair for every step of your daily styling process using only JBCO Water.


Our Nano-Blend evenly distributes Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Ceramide, Vitamin C & Vitamin E, onto each hair strand.


Boosts and Locks Moisture needed to maintain healthy hair.


Our special nano-formula allows better penetration of JBCO with Vitamin C & Vitamin E into the fibre, increasing hair fibre strength.


Adds sheen and prevents frizz.


May also be used for Wash n Go’s & Twist Outs.


Detangles fibers and reduces combing damage while repairing & restoring hair for better growth.

AS I AM JBCO Water16oz

  • Use as a replacement of regular Water.

    Wet Hair Using Only JBCO Water.

    Use daily to rewet dry hair or use before styling to refresh moisture content, strengthen and detangle fibers.

    Use after applying JBCO Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, JBCO Smoothie, JBCO Curling Cream, and/or JBCO Masque.

    Terrific for dry skin and hands.

    Spray generously and shake well before use.

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