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As I Am JBCO Curling Crème is formulated with fibre strengthening ceramides and castor oil. Nature’s best moisturizers, and curl boosters, will lock in precious moisture while simultaneously defining your coils and curls. This rich formula built with nanotechnology will provide a much longer-lasting hold, minimize frizz, and maintain curl definition for days.!

Increases Hair Moisture by 54% after one application
7% Increase in Hair Strength after one use

As I Am JBCO Curling Creme | 227g

  • Apply As I Am® JBCO Leave-in Conditioner liberally throughout clean, detangled hair.

    • While hair is still damp to wet, smooth Curling crème onto small sections from root to tip. •

    • Define each section by gliding hair between your thumb and forefinger, rotating the ends around your fingertip to form a coil finish.

    • Spray hair with AIA JBCO water if it begins to dry before you’re done. Air dry or use a hood dryer on low setting.

    • After hair is completely dry, fluff, separate or arrange coils and curls as desired.

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