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Give your hair a little more TLC this winter.

1. Added Moisture

As the temperature starts to drop and the air gets crisp, adding extra moisture to your hair routine is essential. Daily moisturisers and leave-in conditioners are two products that we can heavily rely on to keep our hair moisturised during the Autumn/Winter season. Don't forget to add some oil into your routine too so you can seal in that extra moisture.

We have a few daily moisturising products in stock, so here are a few recommendation

ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme, Ultra-moisturising creme which delivers a surge of intense, nourishing hydration to quench thirsty hair £6

KeraCare Butter Creme, A moisture-locking souffle that hydrates curls and coils £8

AS I AM So Much Moisture - Daily moisturiser for severely dehydrated hair £9

2. Limit heat

This tip is probably the most obvious, but it's important to not expose your hair to much heat. Straightening and blow-drying your hair can cause your hair heat damage and breakage.

If you are tempted to straighten your natural hair, this goes without saying... you should never apply heat on your hair without using a heat protectant first. Heat protectants will protect your hair with heat of up to 450 degrees.

3. Protective Styles I mean, protective styles are amazing and not just for the colder months. During the colder months though, they do serve a good purpose. In short, protective styles help keep textured hair healthy by minimising its exposure to any damage that can be caused by the cold. A great protective style can both help your hair retain moisture and help it grow faster. Protective styles are also pretty easy to maintain. Use a silk or satin bonnet/scarf to keep the style looking fresh for longer and to eliminate frizz. Edge control or hair gel can be used to lay your hair edges and keep the front of your hair looking tidy.

4. Cowash

Do you use a co-wash?

Co-washes are great as they cleanse and condition your hair at the same time. As the temperature will make our hair drier, using a co-wash if you don't already will help to keep your hair moisturised.

We will probably be adding extra moisturising products to our hair which can cause some product build-up, a co-wash will thoroughly clean your hair & scalp just as well as regular shampoo does.

Remember! You should still use shampoo, co-washing isn't a substitute for wash washing your hair, it's simply just a bonus step in your haircare routine.

Here is a co-wash suggestion - the As I AM JBCO Co-wash, your hair will not be disappointed!

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Kaydia Small
Kaydia Small

Hair Masks have alsways been my thing as I love the nourishment and the use of an all day as a leave in treatment after washing my hair.

I’m also now in love with using a co-wash and a major co-wash fan! 😍

Highly recommended 👌🏽✅

My favourite new products over the last few months have been…

- AsIAm JBCO Co- wash

- Creme of Nature pure Honey Hair Mask


Tovonya Sharisse Raybe
Tovonya Sharisse Raybe

Co-washing will definitely be my thing this winter. The AsIAm Jamaican Black Castor Oil co-wash smells devine!

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